Seaforester starts new WWF sponsored project to advance seaforestation by scaling and further optimizing the Green Gravel technique

Extensive seaweed forests historically occurred across most Portuguese rocky shores, but severe trends of loss have been occurring. Today, seaweed forests are mostly restricted to northern Portugal and are almost absent in central regions. Pollution levels and water quality have improved due to better wastewater treatment and limitations on fishing equipment were implemented, yet seaweed has failed to recolonize much of the available habitat and specific restoration actions to re-seed reefs are urgent.  

Successful planting trials of Laminaria ochroleuca using the green gravel technique

The Green Gravel Portugal project aims to advance seaforestation in Portugal by scaling and further optimising the Green Gravel technique. The project will also focus on involving local authorities and stakeholders to lay the foundation for future large-scale seaforestation projects along the coastline of Portugal.