SeaForester initiates feasibility project to assess the potential for seaforestation in Cascais

SeaForester signed an agreement with the municipality of Cascais (Câmara Municipal de Cascais) to implement a feasibility project that is assessing the potential to recover kelp forests along the coastline of Cascais.

Inês Louro and Jan Verbeek from SeaForester on the survey vessel of the municipality of Cascais

Through a combination of scientific research, citizen science and community engagement, we envision that this initial feasibility project will provide the first step towards enhancing the health and value of Cascais’ Blue Front Yard. The project was developed to assess the historic and current status of seaweed populations, identify potential environmental stressors that inhibit the natural recovery of seaweeds, test best planting / seeding techniques for endemic seaweeds, and develop a plan for future seaforestation activities in Cascais.