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Our Solution to Restore the Forgotten Forests

The Blue Front Yard Approach

In the same way as we maintain and restore nature areas on land (parks, forests, green spaces), a healthy and well maintained ‘Blue Front Yard’ provides substantial benefits to local communities and economies.

The Blue Front Yard defines the shallow coastal ocean where marine vegetation harnesses the suns energy to form highly productive underwater habitats. Our approach engages coastal communities and provides them with the tools and support to restore and sustainably manage these valuable ecosystems.
Empowering coastal communities

Community and industry driven restoration initiatives. Engages local authorities, scientific institutions & industry.

Global potential

Affected coastal communities on all continents.


Considers all types of habitats, marine vegetation and other maritime activities.

Seaforestation techniques

We replant the ocean and restore seaweed ecosystems using innovative seaforestation techniques.

Our main approach involves the seeding of small stones with seaweed spores, growing them on land in specialised nurseries and deploying them in the sea. The seeded stones can be scattered from a boat without the need for divers or technical equipment, providing a low-cost and scalable seaforestation solution. We have been testing and promoting the technique through research projects in Portugal and overseas.

The seeded stones are part of a suite of seaforestation tools that SeaForester uses, designed to local conditions.

What we do!

SeaForester is an environmental impact company dedicated to restoring the forgotten forests in our ocean.


We develop seaforestation projects with coastal communities and provide training to local partners.

Project Financing

We raise funds from our clients to finance seaforestation in targeted areas.

Research & Development

We test and optimise seaforestation techniques and monitoring approaches, drive technology development, and gather data on ecosystem services.


We create awareness, assist in local education and communicate global seaforestation efforts.

We support coastal communities

We bring together local stakeholders to plan and implement seaforestation projects to seize the vast potential of seaweed forests in supporting ocean health and livelihoods. We help to develop the needed infrastructure and local expertise to restore and sustainably manage seaweed ecosystems.

We support coastal communities
Research & Development

SeaForester is driving innovation in seaweed restoration through testing and optimising seaforestation techniques and advancing technology development. Our infrastructure and partnerships in Portugal and abroad provide ideal conditions to test our solution in different regions around the world with support from top scientists in the field.

Research & Development
Engaging and educating the public

We all have to work together to ensure that our marine habitats and natural resources are used sustainably. To raise awareness and generate public support for seaforestation projects, we assist our clients in engaging and educating the public. We bring them closer to the world of seaweeds and make them appreciate these impressive underwater forests.

Engaging and educating the public