Forgotten Forests Campaign: Growing hope for the environmental benefits of restoring kelp forests

Living and working next to the Ocean in Lisbon, means the How&How team are all closely connected to the sea. As part of their ongoing series of environmental projects called BeHalf (which they create on behalf of the Planet), they partnered with SeaForester to help them spread the word about the benefits of restoring seaweed forests.

Designed to coincide with World Oceans Day 2021, they worked with the Lisbon-based organization (who provided copy content and research references) to create a campaign which urged people to think differently about their “blue front yard”, and the huge potential of the forgotten forests of seaweed underwater.

The concept of the campaign was “seeing the sea like land” — and centered on the idea of turning what we consider cultivatable space, on its head. Humans tend to focus on what we can see on dry land, and often overlook the potential of what is growing (or could be grown) underneath the water, and away from sight.

Lets grow hope!

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