Why Seaforestation?

Seaforestation can restore our lost ocean forests and with them the multiple benefits they provide to our economies and communities around the world.

The Problem

We all think about deforestation and the devastating disappearance of forests on land, from the burning of the Amazon to wildfires in California, southern Europe and Siberia.

But something similar is happening under the ocean completely out of view, destroying marine vegetation and our ‘forgotten forests’.
Seaweed forests are disappearing across the world...

Many seaweed forests have completely disappeared, destroyed by pollution, overgrazing, coastal developments, heatwaves, ocean warming and other factors. They used to cover most coastlines in temperate climates but are now under threat as our planet catapults towards increasingly rapid environmental degradation.

Credit: Albert Pessarrodona
...and with them the benefits they provide

The long-term consequences of their decline are a decrease in biodiversity, fewer fish, less carbon sequestration and poorer water quality. Coastal communities that rely on these vegetated habitats for subsistence and various economic activities are the ones most affected by their decline.